robRob Miller PT, received his degree in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University in 1999, and practiced physical therapy for 20 years. Rob decided to open his own practice in the Spring of 2008 in order to provide a setting where he could incorporate¬†holistic care and maximize individualized time with patients. As the years progressed, Rob realized the potential of using his time with patients to do more than return them to previous level of function. He recognized that this was a perfect opportunity to direct patients on a new pathway in life, a pathway of wellness and health beyond what many had yet to experience. His aim is not only to improve patients’ overall wellness, but also to give them the tools necessary for a healthier lifestyle. Through the use of unique exercise protocols, healthy eating, goal setting and individualized hands on treatments, Rob has brought many of his patients to a higher level of health, wellness and happiness.

Rob enjoys sports and exercising with his friends and family. Rob was a sponsored rock climber for most of his adult life and still enjoys climbing steep, difficult terrain.

ROb climbing