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After doing physical therapy at The Body Shop, I must say I had an amazing experience. Everyone there was helpful and made the experience fun. I strongly advise you to send anyone with a case similar to mine to The Body Shop. Jason was a person that really stood out by being extra helpful and excited to do his job.

The Body Shop is excellent at keeping patients motivated while maintaining a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Rob really knows his field and was always willing to answer questions about my condition and give me good advice on how to improve my health and capability.

When I started physical therapy at The Body Shop, I was obese, had high cholesterol and had a stent in my heart I also had a torn Achilles tendon.  After some time, the Achilles tendon is a non-issue, the weight has vastly improved, the cholesterol is normal and the last heart/stress test showed a normal heart. I could not have had these results without the guidance of Rob Miller.

Rob is a wonderful therapist. He sets high goals for my recovery and helps me to attain them.  He is supportive and attentive, but demanding for my good health.  Working with him has been a great experience.

Everybody there is super nice, helpful, and supportive of my fitness goals. They make me feel comfortable whenever I go in. And, Robert plays my kind of music!

Best group of Therapists in town! All bases are covered under one roof!

This is the best place I have ever been in my life. These guys are keeping me at the top of my game physically .. AMaZIng

They create a really fun and laid-back atmosphere, and genuinely want to help their patients not only improve their health, but exceed their own expectations.  I know that even years into the future, my life will be a better place for having been a patient at the Body Shop.

I have been going to The Body Shop for almost a year now, and it has completely changed my life. My original health problems have disappeared, I have lost pounds and inches, gained muscle, and most importantly, gained my self confidence back.

Rob is great! He knows how to get you back in your game quick. He is very good at understanding your goals, your needs and creating a plan that works

I appreciate Rob’s holistic approach to injury rehabilitation. I’ve been dealing with a back injury for two years, but I know if I walk into his office limping and stiff, I’ll be running by the time I leave. I’ve lost 20 pounds following his nutrition advice, and have kept it off for over a year!

Thank you very much for your help in the rehab of my shoulder. It was really helpful to tweak my diet and work on that aspect of my recovery as well. I feel much better. Thanks!

Add your personal testimonial